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Alumni & Student Reviews 

Learn about past and current student experiences!


Jolene Milne

Former Chairwomen

Where are they now?

Jolene is currently in the Communication, Culture, Information, and Technology Program at the University of Toronto Mississauga

What are the benefits of SciTech?

  • The hands-on experiences

  • It challenges you to think critically to solve problems

  • Develops leadership, collaborative skills, and good working habits, which are vital in the workplace

  • The work and opportunities prepare students for the university experience

Many of the skills I've gained through projects and opportunities like STAC are applied regularly in university.

Deandre Baker

Former Member

Where are they now?

Deandre is currently studying Computer Engineering at the University of Waterloo, pursuing a career in software engineering

How did SciTech impact them?

  • Provided resources related to computer technology

  • Exposed them to the technological and engineering field before starting university

  • Experiences in these fields led to the development of interest in computer engineering

The experience of working on assignments orientated heavily on fields of my interest allowed me to assess my interests and determine my career path.


Dhruv Patel

Former Member

Where are they now?

Dhruv is currently in the Nanotechnology Engineering program at the University of Waterloo

How has SciTech helped them?

  • Allowed them to take on projects beyond what is offered at regular high schools. 

  • Through these projects, they developed useful skills such as:

    • Using computer-aided design software

    • Utilizing costly lab equipment safely

    • Collaborating with peers on important tasks

The skills and experiences gained through SciTech and STAC are lacking in many students at the beginning of University, due to the lack of exposure to projects such as cross-curricular. 

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