Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What does SADC do for the SciTech Regional Program?

The SciTech Academic Development Committee is a student-led committee that features the SciTech Regional program at Chinguacousy Secondary School and around the community. The committee organizes events that are of interest to students and promote the SciTech Regional program to future students.

2. How do I apply to be a part of the SciTech North Regional program?

All regional program applications are only accessible on the Peel District School Board website under the Regional Programs. Please read about the application and screening process from the Peel District School Board site or directly from Chinguacousy Secondary School’s website under the SciTech North tab.

3. What can students expect after enrolling in the SciTech Program?

Students in this program are immersed in collaborative work and critical thinking while having augmented access to advanced technology. The program's curriculum is delivered through contextualized real-world projects which span across the science and technological subject areas. They will experience how global issues can be solved with the STEM academic platform. Students will develop technological knowledge and gain extensive critical thinking, collaboration, communication and leadership skills.

4. How is Scitech different from regular highschool?

The SciTech program focuses on the science and technology subject areas. Students use their theoretical knowledge learned in science courses and apply it to their practical projects in technological courses. Additionally, students explore their own areas of interest by building and experimenting, and are provided with high tech facilities.

5. How will this help me get into the workplace/ apprenticeship/                  college/ university?

The SciTech program prepares students for any academic pathway that they choose by challenging them to think outside of the box and work in a collaborative, innovative and risk taking environment.

6. What careers can I pursue if I join SciTech?

You can pursue any career of your choice if you join the SciTech Regional Program at Chinguacousy Secondary School. The SciTech Program is central to science and technological subjects which are favourable for careers related to the science and technology fields.

7. How is the scitech program other regional programs?

The SciTech Regional Program focuses mainly on the science and technological streams, unlike other programs that concentrate solely on business, trucking, sports, music or the arts.

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