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What We Do


Throughout their high school careers, SciTech students will use a

"HANDS-ON, MINDS ON" outlook and engage in various summative tasks. Many of these are innovative concepts completely led by students.


SciTech teaches students how to use modelling programs like Autodesk Inventor. This is an important skill to have and is commonly used in STEAM fields.



One of the first projects that students work on is to build a functional hovercraft. Using live circuitry, 3D modelling, and laser cutting, this project is a building block that utilizes some of the key concepts that SciTech has to offer.

Innovation and Young Scientist Projects

A large focus of SciTech is to embrace student-driven learning. The Innovation project in grade 10 allows students to innovate or create an innovation relating to their grade 10 science and technology courses. In grades 11 and 12, the Young Scientist project takes this to the next step where students dive even further into their interests, relating the project to any combination of chemistry, physics, and biology.

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